About us

In our performance-oriented world, everyone is – at one stage or another -, affected by a burnout, intense mood swings, depression or an anxiety disorder, whether it be in their personal or professional life.

Not only can these disorders severely limit the quality of your everyday life; they can interfere with your professional and social life as well. Yet in view of this impairment, people are reluctant to talk about their problems and seek professional help.

We would like to encourage you to talk about your concerns and difficulties and accept help.

Mental disorders are neither a sign of incompetence nor of a weak personality. These are serious conditions that can be successfully treated. Early diagnosis and treatment can favourably influence the duration and course of the illness.

In our Centre for Treatment of Anxiety Disorders and Depression Zurich, we offer and provide a comprehensive diagnostic and an integrated treatment, based on the most recent and up to date psychiatric and psychotherapeutic research.

Successful treatment is based upon a relationship of mutual respect between patient and therapist. It therefore goes without saying that our patients take an active part in the planning and implementation of their treatment. In addition to a thorough clinical diagnostic evaluation and treatment, we provide you with specific information about your disorder and its management, and ensure a goal-oriented treatment and a continuous review of your progress.

It is of our utmost concern to view the patient as a whole. Not only psychological aspects but other influential factors such as physical, social and cultural aspects are taken into consideration as well.

We highly value the involvement and contribution of family members and those close to the patient as part of the therapy. As always, this is subject to agreement of the patient.

The mutual collaboration of a well-qualified interdisciplinary team of specialists, skilled in the areas of psychiatry, psychopharmacology, psychotherapy, psychiatric research, social work and psychiatric home care, enables a competent exchange of knowledge between each of the disciplines towards the most suitable treatment needed. In so doing, our expertise of work and success is ascertained.