Depression Self-Test (DEPS)

The Depression Scale (DEPS) from Salokangas is a very popular and helpful self-rating depression questionnaire.

Take our depression self-assessment to see if you are showing signs and symptoms of depression. This questionnaire cannot diagnose depression, only a doctor can do that. But it can prompt you to seek professional help. This tool is not suitable for people under 18.

Below is a list of statements concerning you. Please cicle one of the numbers to the right that best describes your mood during the past month!

During the last month I have… Not at all A Little Quite a lot Extremely
1. Suffered from insomnia
2. Felt blue
3. Felt everything was an effort
4. Felt low in energy or slowed down
5. Felt lonely
6. Felt hopeless about the future
7. Not got any fun of life
8. Had feelings of worthlessness
9. Felt all pleasure and joy has gone from life
10. Felt that I can not shake off the blues even with help from family and friends