FMH Training

The ZADZ is a FMH-certified category A (3 years) outpatient mental health training center

The Swiss Institute for Medical Training and Advanced Education (SIWF) of the Swiss Medical Federation (FMH) has recognized ZADZ in March 2010 as a category B training center in psychiatry and psychotherapy according to article 43 of the Swiss Regulations on Advanced Medical Training (WBO).

Thus, physicians in training as a specialist in psychiatry and psychotherapy are now entitled to complete a substantial part of their training at our center.

What we offer you:
  • You will learn a wide range of mental disorders in patients of all ages. In particular you will regularly be dealing with those disorders most prevalent in the general population.
  • According to your specific level of experience, you will be permitted to perform diagnostic and therapeutic interventions on your own. In addition to psycho pharmacotherapy, special attention is paid to the established psychotherapeutic methods as well as to the social context of the patients’ problems.
  • You will receive constant close personal mentoring and supervision by the chief physicians.
  • You will be involved with a competent team of experts in general and internal medicine, psychiatry, psychology, social work and psychiatric nursing.
  • You will participate in our weekly held internal training sessions and case reviews conferences together with the entire team.
  • You will be able to carry out psychiatric expert opinions in the fields of civil, military and insurance law.
Furthermore, the following options are available to you:
  • Participation in scientific work, leading towards the possibility of writing a medical thesis.
  • You can participate as a speaker at training and educational events in the Center itself as well as elsewhere.
  • You participate in clinical trials, mostly in collaboration with the Psychiatric University Hospital Zurich.

You will be fully and thoroughly prepared for a career as a private practitioner or a senior physician in a psychiatric institution.

Those who are interested are invited to ask for further information from former colleagues who have already completed their training in the Center. Addresses are available on demand.

Here is one testimonial:

Dr. Veronika Mailänder Zelger MD

Dr. Heider Lindner MD